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Do you have property overseas you use for summer holidays and thinking to rent it out for the rest of the season? Or perhaps you are thinking about getting some… read more →

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Personal Allowance: 5 things you need to know about

Personal Allowance: 5 things you need to know about What is a personal allowance? Most of employees, directors and self-employed people in UK pay income tax, but only if their… read more →

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Self-assessment: expenses that can be claimed by self-employed

Self-assessment: expenses that can be claimed by self-employed Many business expenses do not raise questions whether they can reduce your taxable income or not. These are business stationery, printing and… read more →

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How To Claim UK Personal Allowance as non-UK resident?

How To Claim UK Personal Allowance as non-UK resident? In many countries, people with low salaries do not pay any income tax. UK tax residents also receive this so called… read more →

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