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Personal Allowance: 5 things you need to know about What is a personal allowance? Most of employees, directors and self-employed people in UK pay income tax, but only if their… read more →

smallBiz Accountancy1 CommentBusiness, Personal Allowance

Self-assessment: expenses that can be claimed by self-employed

Self-assessment: expenses that can be claimed by self-employed Many business expenses do not raise questions whether they can reduce your taxable income or not. These are business stationery, printing and… read more →

smallBiz AccountancyNo CommentsBusiness, Self-employed

How To Claim UK Personal Allowance as non-UK resident?

How To Claim UK Personal Allowance as non-UK resident? In many countries, people with low salaries do not pay any income tax. UK tax residents also receive this so called… read more →

smallBiz Accountancy1 CommentBusiness, Personal Allowance
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